There is a strong link between listening, language and academic success. Phonological awareness refers to a child’s knowledge of the sound segments (called phonemes) that make up words. Many children will require direct instruction before they are able to sound out words. Some children may rely on visual recall or “sight words” but this method alone is not sufficient, especially when attempting to read or spell new words. When a child has difficulty understanding or remembering more complicated language, reading comprehension may also be compromised. Academically, children are expected to move from learning to read to reading to learn quickly, and other subjects such as math, science and social studies may be difficult.

The following list may be helpful when looking at your child’s reading and academic skills:

What are you noticing?

  • Does your child seem to “guess” at words instead of sounding them out?
  • Was your child a late talker or did he receive early speech and language intervention?
  • Does your child avoid reading outside of what is assigned?
  • Does your child read fluently but struggle to remember details or the main idea?
  • Does your child show difficulty with organizing his homework or forget to bring it home?
  • Does your child struggle with math facts or with understanding story problems?
  • Does your child become upset about certain classes and homework?
  • Are you spending hours each night helping your child complete homework?
  • Do you have a family history of language or learning challenges?
  • Does your child seem unusually tired at the end of the school day?
  • Does your child seem to have some academic difficulty in spite of good grades?

Important Note

It is important to note that some students may appear to be doing well, and may even earn good grades, in spite of their struggles.

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What one of our families have said about our Tutoring services.

“I had the pleasure of being introduced to CSLLS when my youngest son was diagnosed with a phonemic awareness disorder as well as with problems sequencing  information.  It was at that time he began working with our CSLLS therapist and his learning started to take off.  She introduced him and us to a variety of techniques and games to help him learn. It has made an incredible difference. Both he and my older son both receive tutoring a couple of days a week during the school year to reinforce material taught in the classroom. The tutors always ensure they are aligned with the teacher and the boys find the “tricks” taught by the tutors to be invaluable.  At one point, the teachers at their school asked where I find my tutors because they are always such high quality and seem to have such a positive impact on the boys’ academic life.  I can’t imagine our academic life without CSLLS!”

Christine H.